Terms Of Use

General Terms and Definitions

  • LoadDebitCard.com, referred to as (“LoadDebitCard.comR ”). Our processing platform is referred to as the Platform, ("Platform") is a cloud based software platform, functioning in accordance with the applicable legal and regulatory terms and rules of Seychelles. Our Platform allows a user to deposit value to any credit, debit and many prepaid cards using the Branded Networks of Visa, MasterCard or China Union Pay referred to as Payment Cards (PC) or account regardless of issuing financial institution. The PC or account must be in your name, and owned by you only. You may also secure a LoadDebitCard.comR Payment Card, which can loaded internally, which is generally faster than loading a PC issued by a different financial institution.

  • LoadDebitCard.comR User (“User”) is a person of age 18 years and older, who registered in the Platform, agreed to the Platform’s terms and conditions, and confirmed their email-address by receiving and returning the confirmation code (acquired via text message during the registration) and provided required identity verification as requested.

  • Transfer is an instruction placed in the Platform by the User, which indicates their will to perform the deposit transaction under the conditions, with the currencies, amounts and at the commission rate specified in the transfer for the user to confirm prior to execution by the Platform.

  • The LoadDebitCard.comR Platform provides, to the best of our abilities, all its Users with equal rights and opportunities to use the Platform’s functionality, regardless of the user’s interface.

  • The LoadDebitCard.comR Platform does not guarantee the equal quality of connection provided by different Internet service or mobile providers, and is not liable for any costs or damages inferred by poor or inconsistent connection.

You the User’s Authentication

  • The authentication prior to access is provided by using login and password you provided to the Platform during the registration process. We may limit the number of transfer’s per month based on the Know Your Customer (KYC) identity you have provided to the compliance team.

  • Each time a user places a transfer, the User will receive a message with a confirmation code on their registered e-mail, which you provided to us during the registration. To successfully complete the authentication, the User must enter the confirmation code into the authentication portal, and submit the code back to the Platform within the time allowed. This way we protect your account and you, by knowing that you are who you say you are.

User’s Account Termination

  • In the event a User violates LoadDebitCard.comR terms and conditions or uses their rights to harm, break the law, or put at risk uninterrupted work of Platform, the User’s account will be automatically and irrevocably terminated.

Your Account Recovery

  • Account recovery can be performed only if the User sets up recovery settings in their User Account, and has access to the mobile phone, or email you provided in the recovery settings. We do not allow an account to be recovered via voice instructions.

Transfer Information

  • Transfer’s are calculated by the Platform using the electronic crypto currency Bitcoin, we support Bitcoin and other crypto currencies. In the event we add other crypto currencies, we will notify you via the Platform. The value you will receive will be the exchange value on the date of the transfer, and receipt of the Bitcoin. In the event we hold Bitcoin on your behalf, the value loaded to the payment card will be the value on the date the transfer is received.

  • To secure the financial commitment fulfillment of the placed orders, the User transfers Bitcoin to the Platform’s accounts or Platform’ s crypto wallets in the amount equal to the full value of the placed Order, the loading commission will be deducted from the final value of the Bitcoin received, and funds will be loaded to your PC or account as directed.

  • The user can not create an unfunded transfer. A transfer will only come into action when crypto wallet contains the amount of Bitcoin, (enough to cover the full value of Transfer commission included) is credited to the Platform.

How We Charge Transfer Commissions

  • Commissions are calculated and deducted in the base currency of your PC or account.

  • The Transfer commissions are based on the number of Bitcoin loaded per transfer. The more Bitcoin you load to your PC or account, the lower the commission. The commission will be a percent of the value of the Bitcoin value loaded to a PC or account.

  • Commission amount is indicated in the User’s interface of the Platform prior to the User’s transfer. By your confirmation of the Transfer commission using the Platform means that you have been notified on the amount of the commission due and agree that it will be withdrawn from the amount being loaded to your PC or account.

The Loading of your PC or Account

  • The platform provides the possibility to exchange crypto currency in the form of Bitcoin and load the associated value, less the applicable commission to a PC or account that you own.

  • Any User’s deposit may be put on hold for a checkup for the period of 24 hours to 3 working days, at most, if needed to confirm a PC issuer or processor for example.

Trading Operations and Transfer Completion

  • The Platform registers User’s Transfer, and provides automatic completion consistent with the Terms and Conditions set forth by LoadDebitCard.comR, and provided via the Platform.

  • Trading operations are performed in batch processes and based on Transfer's placed by different Users.

  • User can not cancel their Transfer once placed in the Platform.

  • Placed Transfer’s are pending until they are funded in Bitcoin by the User.

  • When placing the Transfer, the user on their own decides which PC to load value and provides information as requested as a condition of the Transfer completion.

The Platform and How We Work with Third Parties

  • Users, trading in the Platform will be accessing the systems of third parties to load your PC or account. From the time you place and fund your Transfer with LoadDebitCard.comR, IT MAY TAKE UP TO THREE DAYS FROM OUR RECEIPT OF FUNDS BEFORE THE FUNDS ARE AVAILABLE TO YOUR PC OR ACCOUNT. This delay is a function of the networks and issuer financial institutions that work in batch processing not real time. The Platform will do everything possible to speed the loading of funds to your PC.

  • We will not provide any information on Transfer’s placed by the User to any third party not providing services to the Platform, unless required by a court order. LoadDebitCard.comR is not liable for the incomplete or invalid information communicated by the User to a third party. The Platform is in no way liable in terms of funds traded and cannot be summoned as a party in any disputes, criminal or civil judicial summons also referred to as a Claim Form that might arise in connection with transfer activities.

  • The Platform does not satisfy any third party’s demands to limit User’s access to activity or other limitation of the User’s activity within the Platform. The only exception is claims we have as the Payment Platforms.

Your Account

  • Your User Account can be terminated at Users sole discretion with payment of all their funds left on the account, unless the funds were obtained by theft or fraudulent actions towards any other User or LoadDebitCard.com.