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Agreement Last updated: 23 rd January 2017 uses cookies in on our Platform and Transfer transactions, like almost every other online service, the LoadDebitcard.comR Platform (including our website and apps) uses cookies and similar technologies to provide you with an enhanced user experience as well as allowing us to analyze and improve our Platform. We would not be able to provide you with all of our Platform, including certain personalized features, without the use of cookies and related technology and as such, your computer, mobile phone, tablet or other enabled mobile device (which we refer to collectively in this policy as a “device”) will need to be set up to enable such technologies. By visiting and continuing to browse our website, downloading and using our app and using, your LoadDebitcard.comR account, including, where appropriate, with your browser settings adjusted to accept cookies, you are consenting to our use of cookies, web beacons and related technologies to provide our Platform. If you do not consent to our use of cookies your only recourse is to stop using the Platform and stop visiting our website. You are also free to disable cookies in your browser, but doing so may interfere with your use of our website or the Platform.

A cookie is a term used to describe a small text file, typically made of letters and numbers that is downloaded and stored on your browser or your device by websites that you visit. They are sometimes considered as forming part of the “memory” of your use of websites as they allow service providers to remember you and respond appropriately.

Cookies are typically split into two main types:

Session cookies are stored in your device’s memory only for the length of time of your browsing session. For example, sessions cookies allow you to move around our website and your account features without having to repeatedly log in. They are not accessible after your browser session may have been inactive for a period of time and are deleted from your device when your browser is closed down.

Persistent cookies are stored in your devices’ memory and are not deleted when your browser is closed. Persistent cookies can helpfully remember you and your preferences each time you access our Platform.

You can find more information about Cookies on Google.

Our goal was to provide a high level understanding of cookies, and we hope the above has clearly explained how we use cookies and similar technologies as well as how you may manage such matters. While we have provided details of third party websites, which we thought you might find useful, please note that we are not responsible for the content or functionality provided by such sites.