Using 60+ Cryptocurrencies, real time money transfers can be fast and secure. Whether you're sending money internationally or to a local account, will get your money transferred in a very short amount of time. No more waiting forever for funds to get credited. Our transfers will reach the beneficiary super fast, anywhere in the world! (normally 3 business days, excluding weekends, and banking holidays).

With our service, you can:
  • Send a SWIFT or SEPA to transfer funds to your local bank account.
  • Send payments in 3 different currencies; USD, Euro, British Pound.
  • Send payments with quick fund crediting, worldwide.
  • Available in 180 countries (USA, Canada, Mexico included).

Fund Protection protects your money from losses with industry leading security tools and our global diversification concept.

Based On Global Diversification partners with companies that have developed strong relationships with the leading Banks in the world to ensure your funds are always safe. Those partners ensure our client's money is never held at one Bank in one country. Those partners provide the highest level of protection by keeping segregated accounts at the leading Banks, in various countries. As a result your money is globally diversified and protected by multiple jurisdictions.

Data Protection partners with companies who are fully PCI DSS 3.0 certified. Partner companies comply with the highest Data Security Standards and have a Team of Security experts paying utmost attention to protect your data. Partner Company Servers are located in ISO certified Data Centers, complying with the highest of standards in the banking industry. Partner Company payment software uses fully encrypted and secured ISO 20022 certified messaging schemes for payment execution and data transfers.